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Assisting Colonial Savings F.A. to Achieve HMDA Compliance by using ShareBase EFSS


Learn how IDT was able to assist Colonial Savings F.A. and its Credit Union Members achieve HMDA compliance in record time by using ShareBase EFSS with OnBase Content Services workflow automation capabilities.

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Information Governance Assessment

In almost every company, data is doubling each year and managing all this new data can be a real challenge. IDT’s Information Governance Assessment is designed to help you discover areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The results will empower you to increase organizational transparency and data integrity while reducing risk. Learn why your organization needs an Information Governance assessment:

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Information Governance Hot Topics for 2017

Governance and Compliance expert relays best practices to avoid litigation.

ECM Industry Chatter

Talking Business with GOA

"Talking Business with GOA" is a new video series wherein we discuss what makes great business with GOA members. In the first installment, Shirlanne Lemm, President & CEO of GOA Regional Business Association sits down to have an honest chat with IDT's (Integrated Document Technologies, Inc.) Mike Nolfo to get at the core of what makes them a great business.

Itasca, IL

As Featured in Document Imaging Review

IDT has seen a lot in 24 years as a Reseller and Systems Integrator in the Content Services and ECM marketplace. Like many VARs, over the years the Chicago-based organization has carried and supported multiple ECM software products. These include leading applications from vendors such as IBM, EMC, OnBase by Hyland, Perceptive by Hyland, FileBound by Upland, IMR, Oracle, Stellent, Optika and more.

Chicago, IL

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Nationwide Lender Achieves Growth, Lowers Costs

“When we started looking at a new system in 2011, IDT was instrumental in helping us choose the right software to further automate our workflow, and integrate the back-end loan information into other workflows throughout the company,” says Wilson. “We couldn’t have done this as successfully without IDT’s team taking the time to really understand our business—how we serve customers, and what our employees need day-to-day."

Marcia Wilson, VP of Imaging, Colonial
Ft. Worth, TX

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Trusted Supplier of Banking and Cash Handling Supplies Future Proofs ECM with Low-Cost Technology from IDT

"We trust IDT's technical expertise, vast experience with multiple ECM systems, and most importantly, knowledge of our own infrastructure and data"

Kremena Hagen, Manager, Information Technologies
Wheeling, IL

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Complex Conversion to New ECM System A Success for Edfinancial Services

“For the last 20 years, Content Services and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software has made the job of storing, retrieving, indexing and sharing documents electronically easy—until the software goes out of date, is no longer supported, or the manufacturer is acquired, forcing a change on users."

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